Textile art Jules Vissers at Art Exhibit 'Cavalli d'Autore' at the Museum Santa Maria della Scala in Siena

Jules Vissers at Art Exhibit 'Cavalli d'Autore' at the Museum Santa Maria della Scala in Siena

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Translation of the article on the Italian newspaper 'La Nazione' - news from Siena - 7 October 2022

'Horses in Art' , artistic homages

At Santa Maria there will be a presentation of the art exhibition with work from famous artists dedicated to the protagonist of the Palio.

The fourth edition of the exhibition 'Horses in Art' (Cavalli d'Autore') will be inaugurated on monday 10 October at 17.30 at Santa Maria della Scala. The absolute protagonist of the exposed artworks in the Sant'Ansano space will be one of the dearest symbols of Siena. "An event dedicated to the horse" tells Elena Conti, journalist and painter as well as curator of the event, to underline the importance of this animal for the city. Siena loves horses and celebrates them also outside of the Palio". 

The exhibition will go on untill October 23rd.....Among the exposing artists there will be those who in the past have painted the banner of the Palio....as well as the artworks of Lara Androvandi, Martino Castellani, Elena Conti, Roberto di Jullo, Michi Grassi, Sara Guerrini, Tano Pisano, Gina Shenk Roche, Iva Todorova, Fabio Viola Vega, Jules Vissers , Daniele Zacchini and the sculptors Turi Alescio, Laura Brocchi and Carol Marano. Many stories are told by the artworks that make up this extraordinary gallery that unites varying artistic mediums of expression....

The inauguration of the exhibition will take place in the presence of the mayor of Siena Luigi de Mossi, the commissioner for cultural affairs Pasquale Colella Albino, the president of the Foundation Santa Maria della Scala Mrs Lucia Cresti, the curator Elena Conti and the participating artists.   


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