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5 May 2022

During the Milan Design Week (Salone del Mobile) Taftique presents three large hand-tufted tapestries. Jules Vissers – a Dutch artist living in Italy – translates an old tradition in modern artworks. It’s the first time that she presents her work at Masterly, The Dutch in Milan. Her tactile works are inspired by nature, classical art, architecture and the country where she has been happily living for decades.

Jules Vissers had been working with textiles for many years before applying to the Florence Fine Art Academy in 2019. In her new homeland Italy, artisan craftmanship is of paramount importance. She followed the Master’s programme in Art Textiles and learned the handicraft in the best workshops. In 2020 she started her own atelier Taftique in the historical centre of Florence. Here she produces tapestries in a style between abstract and figurative.  

Craftmanship in a historical palazzo

Curator Nicole Uniquole has selected three large, framed tapestries for Masterly, The Dutch in Milan – taking place from 7 till 12 June. Vissers’ artwork wonderfully comes into its own in Palazzo Francesco Turati. Her craftmanship is fully expressed by the technique she uses for her tapestries: tufting. With this manual technique Vissers makes specific scenes and patterns come to life. It also allows her to create relief, height differences and textures, making her tapestries exciting and caressable.  

Taftique is the name of her studio, a self-thought term that combines tufting and its Italian translation, ‘taftatura’. The materials she uses – wool, silk and mixed yarns – come from Prato and from the North of Italy and they are of outstanding quality.

Master in Art Textiles

Jules Vissers graduated cum laude for her Master’s studies at the Florence Fine Art Academy. During the training she collaborated with several specialist workshops, such as the Fondazione Arte Della Seta Lisio in Florence. Here she worked with the antique looms and learned how to make silk in a traditional way. Over time she has developed her own style. The artwork ‘Embrace’, present at Masterly, is a figurative tapestry that conveys strong emotions. The two other presented tapestries have an abstract style.

Florence Biennale Award

In 2021 Vissers took part at the Florence Biennale. An International Jury assigned her the Lorenzo il Magnifico Award. The winning work ‘Three Graces’ is inspired by the three women-goddesses from the famous Botticelli painting ‘La Primavera’. This painting is part of the collection of the Galleria degli Uffizi in her current hometown. She regularly refers to classical art themes which she then translates into modern artworks. Alternatively, she finds inspiration in nature, architecture and in her second homeland, Italy.  

Jules Vissers is open to collaboration with other parties, such as architects and stylists. Her work consists of single large tapestries but it also comprises smaller works and objects for table or wall.  


www.taftique.com / www.masterly.nu

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