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Ciao! (variant 3)

€ 750,00

The design for the tapestry series 'Ciao!' is inspired by cubism and by the semplification of the human forms that is so typical of this art style. The colours are extremely bright, happy and contrasting. The word 'ciao' in italian is used to greet people when you meet them but also when you go away, to say goodbye. Therefore it's the perfect title for this series of tapestries. To the spectator remains the choice which interpretation he or she likes to give - a meeting or a farewell......... 

Materials: wool, cotton and mixed yarns, tufted by hand on textile canvas. The tapestry is fixed on a wooden panel and framed with a wooden frame painted white.
Size: 50 x 50 cm, numbered artwork 27/2022 and signed by the artist on the back on the label Taftique. 

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