€ 3250,00

The tufted tapestry ‘Labyrinth’ reflects the process of change when something regular turns into something irregular and chaotic. The artwork is a kind of labyrinth in search for the discovery of varying textures and different shades of the same colours. The longer threads hide other coloured zones that can be caught a glimpse of when going through the various paths.
The main colours used are extreme white, cream white, unsaturated yellow, ocre, gold and brown. 'Labyrinth' is a play of forms and colours, in search of optical and tactile sensations. 

Materials: Wool, silk and mixed yarns, hand-tufted on canvas. Wooden frame painted color caffelatte.
Size tapestry: 150 x 100 cm. With frame: 162 x 112 cm. Numbered artwork 4/2022.

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