Collection Arazzi - Tapestries XXL
Don’t touch, please touch

€ 3600,00

The textile artwork ‘Don’t touch, please touch (the artwork)’ is part of the series ‘eternal feminine’, inspired by the theme of the ’eternal feminine’. In this case the subject is the eternal violence against women. The predominance of the colour red (and a bit of shocking pink) is a must. From the moment, in 2012, when Mexican artist Elina Chauvet covered the streets of Milano with her ‘zapatos rojos’, and then brought them all over the world to tell about the violence perpetrated against women in her country, this colour is the colour of protest against this violent phenomenon.
The artwork is characterized by the image of a woman from the waist in the middle of an imaginary background of flowers, spirals, nets, with organic and geometric forms. Two hands that come from nowhere try to touch her breasts. The woman’s face expresses pain, in the middle of flowers that betray her because they disappear behind imaginary walls and the hearts of sunflowers that look like nets, like the bars of prisons. The textile artwork is attached to a wooden frame. It is hand-tufted with wool, silk and mixed yarn, using varying yarn heights and knots, in order to attain a three-dimensional effect.

Materials: wool, silk, mixed yarn, tufted by hand on acrylic cloth
Measure: 240 x 165 cm, numbered artwork 41/2021

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