Collection Arazzi con forme libere - Tapestries with free forms
Precious Life

€ 2750,00

The influence of Florence – its art, its nature, its life – transpires in most of Taftique’s artworks. This is also true for Precious Life (in Italian: Vita Preziosa), artwork 39/2021 that comes to life like a cocoon in the midst of the English-style woodlands and Italian-style garden of the Giardino Bardini in Florence. Moving from this historical garden that fiercely dominates the city with breath-taking views, to the lower situated Villa Bardini, we enter in the intimate world of a personal artcollection, among which we find the painted wooden Madonna that has inspired me in creating the handtufted artwork Precious Life.

This connection between emotions, places and colors is the start of a continuous research to attain fluidity of forms and variations of color density, accompanied by the skillful handtufting of the artist.

Precious Life is a contemporary Madonna, a herald of modern values such as self-awareness: finally not an exhibited and clichéd maternity, but woman herself is the protagonist. There is no trace of the modesty or ethereal detachment of the Renaissance Madonnas which we are used to see but there is a direct connection with the spectator. With plain graphic lines, pastel colors and a patient artisanal tufting process ‘Precious Life’ represents an ode to life itself because nothing is more precious than living the moment. 

The pastel colors aren’t a sign of weakness, they signify awareness: the pastel colors and soft yarns of varying density are a pure tribute to femininity and to the art of slow living. The immutable essence of femininity is elaborated in a way to give centrality to the female figure, showing the absence of a child on her limb. It’s an image of contemplation, of the contemporary feminine, it’s just her en her image of peace.

«Kindness is like water: invincible». Confucio said this 2500 years ago, and a contemporary woman like Miuccia Prada can only confirm it when she says «aggressive femininity is no longer fashionable»: with ‘Precious Life’ I confirm this trend by concentrating on the female glaze, a special way of feeling and seeing, a way of perceiving the world putting emotions on the foreground.

Materials: wool, silk, cotton, mixed yarn, hand-tufted on cotton.
Measure: 160 x 112 cm, numbered artwork 39/2021.

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