€ 1175,00

With my artwork ‘Unity’, a design of two intertwined fish, I have intended to evoke the purity of love between two people, a profound truth that doesn’t need many words to describe but that shines brightly every single day. I have created this design starting from my design of the single big fish, that I have intertwined with a similar one, starting from the heads, sign of a spiritual union. The two fish are similar though not identical.
In this case a short colourful note regarding is needed: my surname ‘vissers’ in English means 'fisher' :-). I like to use curved geometric forms, just like in this fish design, of which I enhance the impact through the use of varying yarn heights, different knots and heterogeneous yarns.

In the artwork ‘Unity’ there’s is a special harmony between the employed colours. There are shades of yellow, off-white, brown, sea blue and dark blue. The colours are sober and elegant. The artwork has a crochet edging and the back has an extra felt layer.

Materials: wool, silk and mixed yarn.
Measure: 216 x 90 cm. Numbered artwork: 1/2021

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