My story

After completing her Master studies (cum laude) in Art Textiles at the Florence State Art Academy in 2020, Jules Vissers decided to found Taftique, a textile atelier in the historic centre of Florence. Inspired by the city's beautiful surroundings and its art history, her designs are an invitation to spark people’s imagination and to make surroundings more playful.

home decor

“I started to work with yarns in a second phase of my life. I have a degree in European studies from the University of Amsterdam – the Netherlands is my home country – and a Master's degree in International Law from University College London. At the age of 25 I moved to Italy, which became my second homeland. Alongside work and family I have always spent a lot of time on creative activities. Having a passion for yarns, in the last 10 years I have focused on techniques such as knitting, crochet, tatting, soutache and punch needle.

With my children becoming more autonomous, and the aim of transforming a passion into a profession, in 2019 I enrolled in the Master in Textile Art at the Florence Art Academy, which I obtained in November 2020. Here in Florence we live and work surrounded by artistic works and a wonderful countryside from which to draw inspiration.

I would like to translate the ancient tradition of covering the walls with textile art into contemporary works made with new techniques but also with a freer use, so many works are multifunctional and can in addition to the walls also be used in other situations, for example as centrepieces. In short, art that you can look at, touch and that gives a joyful and colourful touch to your living space. Since every single part of the production process is handmade, everything can be done according to the customer's wishes”.

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